How it Works

Simulate what it’s like to work as a developer by completing coding sprints, tasks and building out a full stack web app

  • Fix bugs
  • Build beautiful UIs
  • Write tests
  • Handle payments
  • Refactor code
  • Work with a database
  • Build API endpoints
  • Use git and version control
...and a whole lot more

All in your browser, all in a real codebase
a view of the Dev Simulator app dashboard
Build a Real App

Throughout the game, you’ll work to build a full stack web app with your team of 8-bit co-workers.

Write code in your browser to complete tasks, test your coding skills, and play through a fun storyline!
Work with your simulated dev team to build a real app, each EPIC will add a new big feature to the codebase
The game's storyline revolves around EPICS, which follow the dev team as they build out a new big feature in the app.
Epics are the building blocks of the story and walk through building a new big feature in the app
Epics contain SPRINTS, which implement one part of the larger feature.
Sprints are collections of tasks which build out part of the epic feature
Sprints are made up of TASKS which are small coding challenges that chain together and give the player XP.
Test Your Skills

Each task will challenge your skills in one or more areas of full stack web development.

Tasks start off easy and get progressively more difficult as you level up.
a view of the Dev Simulator code editor
Throughout the game, players level their avatar from 1 to 20. There's multiple paths through the game
As they complete tasks and gain experience, players level their avatar from 0 to 20.

Depending on what the player wants to practice, there's multiple paths through the game.

One player might focus entirely on frontend development, styling and UI building, while another might go the backend route and build out API endpoints and work with a database.
a view of the Dev Simulator community forums
Join a Community of Coders

Access the community forums, ask questions, connect with other developers & maybe find a job

Dev Simulator is a supportive and open community, all are welcome!
Use Industry Leading Technology
In the game, the company will be using the extremely popular MERN stack for their app, so that’s what you’ll be coding in.

MERN is widely adopted in the industry, and has huge community support, tutorials and plugins.
TypeScript, Express, Node JS, React, Mongo DB

Bootcamp: Learn to Code

For a small monthly fee, players can join the Dev Simulator Bootcamp

Bootcamp students get full video walkthroughs for each task, tons of mentorship content, live streams, Q&As, and learn how to code from the ground up.
a view of the Dev Simulator code editor
Mike Dane hugging a computer
Play through the game with Mike by your side

Anyone can play through Dev Simulator on their own for free.

Bootcamp students can play through with the help and guidance of one of YouTube’s top coding instructors.

Mike will walk you through each task, show you development best practices, help you navigate the industry & forge you a path through the confusing web development landscape
Watch as
Dev Simulator
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ultimate coding challenge
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ultimate coding curriculum
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